Construction surveying

We offer a comprehensive range of surveying and documentation processing services for construction projects from the planning stage all the way through to final documentation. We employ modern total station, laser scanning and GPS surveying equipment, as well as versatile drone equipment for aerial imaging and modelling.

Our services include:

  • Control networks
  • UAV imaging and terrain mapping
  • Laser scanning
  • Modelling for machine control systems
  • Construction surveying
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Thermographic surveys and load-bearing measurements
  • Quantity surveying and calculation of quantities
  • As-built surveys and surveying during construction
  • Documentation

Our surveying services

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Road and bridge project surveying

Surveying for infrastructure projects and documentation processing.

Rulla ikoni

Rail surveying

We employ modern drone and surveying equipment.

Mine surveying icon

Tunnel and mine surveying

Surveying from planning to final documentation.

Kamera ikoni

Construction surveying

Comprehensive construction project surveying and documentation.