Mine surveys

When mining surveying is required, we provide comprehensive surveying services related to mining operations. You can rely on us to supply a skilled surveying manager and surveyors for your mining project.

MittausGroup’s skilled mining surveyors…

• understand when surveys require exceptional precision and when a more approximate measurement is sufficient
• ensure that surveys are conducted efficiently: there is no room for errors
• are proficient in using a variety of measuring instruments, including laser scanners and theodolites, and producing models and other data

Mining surveying professionals at your service

You’ll receive skilled surveying professionals from us for your site, if needed, even on short notice. MittausGroup’s experienced mining surveyors are accustomed to working in mines, understand the workflows of mining surveying, and know how to select the right methods and tools for each stage of the work. Naturally, we consider all safety regulations and requirements while on-site.

Why choose MittausGroup?

Our experienced and skilled team offers a wide range of services for all types of mining surveying needs. And as mentioned, alongside our strong expertise, we utilize the latest technology in the field, which, combined with our strong safety knowledge, enables an efficient way to conduct necessary surveys even in demanding locations.

Our surveying services

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Road and bridge project surveying

Surveying for infrastructure projects and documentation processing.

Rulla ikoni

Rail surveying

We employ modern drone and surveying equipment.

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Tunnel and mine surveying

Surveying from planning to final documentation.

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Construction surveying

Comprehensive construction project surveying and documentation.