Tunnel surveys

When tunnel construction is underway, MittausGroup comprehensively handles tunnel surveys and data processing from the planning phase to the final documentation of the completed tunnel.

We conduct surveys utilizing instruments such as theodolites and laser scanners. Additionally, we collaborate closely with other parties involved in the project to ensure that the surveys meet the requirements of the tunnel project. Data is delivered to the client in an easily understandable format.

Our services include:

    • Establishing measurement foundations
    • Laser scanning
    • Monitoring measurements
    • Tightness and load-bearing measurements
    • Quantity and mass calculations
    • Target and as-built measurements
    • Documentation

    Tunnel Survey Experts Ready to Serve

    Comprised of top professionals in the field, they possess specialized expertise in various construction sites. Working in tunnel conditions requires the selection of appropriate methods and tools for each stage of the work, an area where our experts have extensive experience.

    We always adhere to safety regulations and standards in measurement tasks. Any potential issues are promptly and efficiently resolved to ensure the quality and smooth progress of the work. As a customer-centric operator, we are prepared to work long hours if necessary to ensure that surveys are completed on time.

    Our surveying services

    surveying icon

    Road and bridge project surveying

    Surveying for infrastructure projects and documentation processing.

    Rulla ikoni

    Rail surveying

    We employ modern drone and surveying equipment.

    Mine surveying icon

    Tunnel and mine surveying

    Surveying from planning to final documentation.

    Kamera ikoni

    Construction surveying

    Comprehensive construction project surveying and documentation.